Nightclub building in Funchal Harbour - Duarte Caldeira | architect
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Nightclub building in Funchal Harbour

A new square with a southern seafront surrounded by three buildings was built overlooking the harbour of Funchal. On its western end there would be a building accommodating two nightclubs and a bar.

The building is partially situated above the square level, where you find the main entrance, and on the level below. Its upper part is clearly visible and the lower totally hidden.
Looking at the profile of the building you will see that it is shaped as a lying “U” resembling a movement that begins at the seafront, goes over the square and back again towards the sea, fading into a thin cantilever. This section is elevated and stands on pillars that, together with the ground floor glass facade, offers easy  visibility of its lower premises. The floor on the square level gives access to various areas such as the sea view panoramic bar upstairs and the discotheque on the opposite side. In the discotheque the glass sidewalls lead to the harbour and city view balconies. Below the main entrance floor there is another discotheque with a balcony overlooking the harbour.
Metal, wood and glass cover the walls of this building, which stands as a piece on its own, partially displaying the qualities of the nautical construction.

status – not built
location – Funchal  Madeira  Portugal
year – 2008
architects – Duarte Caldeira, Sergio Gouveia, Filipe Clairouin, Roberto Castro



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