Ordem dos Engenheiros building in Funchal - Duarte Caldeira | architect
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Ordem dos Engenheiros building in Funchal

This is a renewal and an extension of an old house into offices for the local delegation of the Ordem dos Engenheiros. A concrete and steel extension will be added to the existing building to make room for a new conference room. This room, witch interior is fully lined with pine wood boards, will be partially buried in the garden. In the existing two-floor building, built with stonewalls and wooden flooring, interior fittings are made to accommodate new toilets and a kitchen. The rest of the building remains the same, with all materials and equipments being restored and renewed.
The extension is on the ground floor and connects directly to the building through an opening in the northern facade. Its structure is made with reinforced concrete and steel blades and the exterior walls in aluminium frame and glass.
The gardens will be replanted and a new paving sidewalk with the reused pebbles and basalt pavement will be made to accommodate the car park and access for disabled visitors.

status – em construção
location – Funchal  Madeira  Portugal
year – 2013
architects – Duarte Caldeira, Sergio Gouveia



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