Santana Theme Park - Duarte Caldeira | architect
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Santana Theme Park

Madeira Theme Park is an open-air leisure park where historical heritage and cultural assets related to the region of Madeira are displayed in contact with nature. It is mainly a tourist spot.
This is a group of buildings housing various exhibitions and entertainment spaces, located in a countryside setting. The park is visited generally by walking along a set route. There are open-air attractions in landscaped areas or inside pavilions with some additional amenities that include restaurants, shops and other services.
The park is in a small mountain valley where a stream runs through and now feeds into a lake. The area is gardened and planted with trees, surrounded by forest and farmland. The buildings are constructed with fair-faced concrete, cor-ten steel elements and timber lining. The car park building is, like most of the other buildings, set into the hillside.

status – built
location – Santana Madeira Portugal
year – 2004
architects – Duarte Caldeira, Isabel Ferreira Filipe Clairouin
landscaping – Topiaris Luis Ribeiro

photography – Leonardo Finotti


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