Multipurpose Pavillion in Funchal - Duarte Caldeira | architect
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Multipurpose Pavillion in Funchal

In the valley of the S.João stream, along a road between steep slopes dotted with houses, we reach a place where the space widens making a pocket in the valley. This is the site for the Multipurpose Pavilion, a venue for shows, music performances, ballet, opera, theatre and sports events such as tennis, basketball, football, gymnastics, etc.
This proposal favours the versatility of the spaces and creates conditions to develop various events simultaneously even in the case of events of distinct character; a capacity to accommodate a larger number of different activities, with several programs in convertible spaces.  With a maximum capacity of 10 000 spectators, has the movable seating enables for extension and multiple seating configuration and adapt to the various types of activities and events.
Although some parts of the polyhedral shape building are connected to the steep terrain, it can be seen as a isolated volume, something that can be walked around. It is a not composition of volumes or forms attached to the urban fabric, it is actually secluded and loose.
If on one hand its large size does not let it to merge with the neighbourhood buildings, on the other, it stands clearly visible and easily identified as a public building.

The facades and the roof melt into a set of surfaces, forming a whole and large outer shell that contains all the forms. The outer skin makes a vigorous impression in the building and establishes its image. The facades, marked by cuts and interceptions of vertical and oblique planes, refer to the mass of basalt rock that distinguishes the topography of the site and the island of Madeira. The geometries of these massive stones match the oblique gables and faceted facades of the pavilion.

The building and the basalt slopes, face each other, separated by the stream that juxtaposes them symmetrically, one mirroring the other, opposing nature with and artifice.

status – not built
location – Funchal Madeira Portugal
year – 2004
architects – Duarte Caldeira, Sergio Gouveia, Filipe Clairouin, Hugo Jesus


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